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  • Mailbag #1
    Tips on keeping a personal database, 29 hand odds, pegging vignettes, and questions on rules and discarding
  • Mailbag #2
    Endgame count, pegging problems, tournament formats, rules questions, five-card cribbage, bust hands and more
  • Mailbag #3
    Becoming an expert, endgame pegging, leading from magic fives, playing A-4-x-x as pone, adjusting positional holes to cater to your opponent's style, rules questions, and more
  • Mailbag #4
    Staying alert, fast play, finding tournaments, cutting for deal, scoring combinations, superranks and skunk value
  • Mailbag #5
    Printing Cribbage Forum articles, HALSCRIB, a board strategy primer, revisiting odds on 28 and 29 hands, rules variants, domino cribbage, cutting the deck and more answers to readers' letters

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