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At 111*-102 you deal yourself 7-8-J-Q-K-K. What do you keep? Read Rob Medeiros' opinion here
  • Sorry to hear of John Furler's death. An old friend from my tournament cribbage days, he was the second player ever to earn a Gold Award for Grass Roots play. Here's from the May 2008 Cribbage World (H/T to David Aiken): (added 1/17/2020)

  • Congrats to my former clubmate Lowell Bailey of Sno-King Peggers (Club 108) for his Gold Award! (added 1/4/2020)
  • The DeLynn Colvert memorial issue of Cribbage World is online, and includes my and many others' favorite memories of this wonderful fellow pegger (added 10/14/2019)
  • DeLynn Colvert has pegged out. 1931–2019. Author of cribbage's most influential textbook, longtime editor of Cribbage World, contributor to Cribbage Forum, five-time National Champion (including 2017 at age 86), and the highest rated tournament player in cribbage history. Colvert also served as President of the American Cribbage Congress, and directed two annual tournaments in Missoula, MT. Win or lose, he was always one of the game's most affable emissaries. It's scarcely an exaggeration to say that his incredible career defined modern cribbage (added 8/12/2019)

Welcome to Cribbage Forum, the first and best Web site devoted to cribbage strategy. If you're visiting for the first time, or would like an introduction to our contents, click here for an overview. And check out the archives from our popular monthly quiz feature, Ask the experts.

- Michael Schell

Old news:

January 2019:
In the January 2019 Cribbage World, the ACC takes a first crack at standardizing rules for Canadian Doubles.

September 2017:
Incredible. DeLynn Colvert, Cribbage Forum contributor and the world's highest rated cribbage player, has won yet another National Championship: his fifth (1986, 1991, 1997, 1998, 2017). Not even Garry Kasparov has been champion at age 86 (well, not yet anyway).

October 2016:
Interesting write-up in Cribbage World on hand frequency in cribbage, summarizes recent results by Prof. Steve Lumetta, which include flush scenarios, building on the earlier work of Hessel and Nolan (documented by Cribbage Forum here).

May 2016:
I revisited Daily Cribbage Hand after a long time away and was delighted to see the discarding discussions focused on board position, the way it should be. There was also a nice writeup about this site in the May 2016 Cribbage World

April 2016:
New irregular feature, TweetQuiz, like Ask the experts but via Twitter and open to all. Follow us here

April 2015:
Reading the horrible news out of Nepal, my thoughts are with the earthquake victims and my many friends dating from my stay there in 1997. Cribbage Forum has made a relief contribution through Humanist Disaster Recovery

December 2014:
Cribbage Forum comes to Twitter. Michael Schell @CribbageForum. Follow us here.

June 2013:
Congratulations to my friend and former Sno-King Peggers clubmate Lowell Bailey, for winning the 2013 ACC Open in Reno. The ACC Open is the largest sanctioned cribbage tournament of them all, attracting 788 players in the main event this year. Way to go Lowell!

March 2012:
Cribbage Forum goes on hiatus
After eleven years of continuous monthly publication with another year of more sporadic updates, I'm discontinuing regular work on Cribbage Forum. Nothing wrong over here — I'm just busy with travel, other projects and family life these days, a situation that I expect will persist for a while. Our esteemed content will remain proudly online, of course, and I'll continue to publish the occasional news bit or article. And who knows when I might pick up where I left off, as there are still many ideas for future features on our favorite card game. In the meantime though, I hope you'll stay in touch, enjoy the other fine cribbage resources on the Web, and happy pegging to everyone!

January 2012:
ACC Internet Cribbage adds a new tournament format
Robert Milk has announced that the Cribbage Cup format has been replaced by a Grass Roots-style nine-game round robin format for the Wednesday night events. It's great to see ACC Internet Cribbage continuing to evolve and as it enters its eighth full season

July 2011:
DeLynn Colvert, Cribbage Forum contributor, four-time National Champion and the ACC's highest rated player, has become the first Life Master - Six Stars. DeLynn is also in the ACC Hall of Fame along with Cribbage Forum contributors Phyllis Schmidt and, as of 2011, George "Ras" Rasmussen too. Congrats to DeLynn and Ras. Meanwhile Hal Mueller is still writing cribbage software, the latest release being an update (v3.4) to his top-of-the-line REX Cribbage

May 2010:
We're happy to acknowledge the induction of our own George "Ras" Rasmussen into the ACC Hall of Fame, where he will be joining Cribbage Forum contributors DeLynn Colvert and Phyllis Schmidt

March 2010:
Hal Mueller has announced his latest release, entitled REX Cribbage. It features "fourth generation pegging algorithms and is much stronger in the endgame than any other robot, including HALSCRIB v8". Prof. Mueller is starting to shift his attention from cribbage back to duplicate bridge, another passion of his, so this may be the last in the HALSCRIB line. It promises to be a crowning achievement of his career in cribbage programming, and is highly recommended for any serious pegger. Cribbage Forum also wishes Hal well in his recovery from heart surgery earlier this year

January 2010:
Cribbage Forum turns 10. Thanks to our contributors and readers for making us the Web's leading resource devoted to cribbage strategy!

December 2009:
Our own George "Ras" Rasumssen graces the cover of the December Cribbage World as 20089 Grass Roots Champion. Congratulations Ras! Next to him is this year's Internet Champion, Tom Langford, along with Tournament Champion Duane Toll. It took us several years and lots of work to bring sanctioned tournament play to the Internet, and it's gratifying to see this modality of play finally assume a place of prestige alongside the Tournament Trail and Grass Roots

August 2009:
Like many Web sites, Cribbage Forum sported a green color scheme this month in solidarity with the protesters in Iran

May 2009:
Our contributor Hal Mueller's article Is Cribbage Gambling? appears in this month's issue of Cribbage World.

January 2009:
The ACC is making more progress of late entering the age of digital computers. You can now read each month's issue of Cribbage World online for free.

April 2008:
Hal Mueller has released HALSCRIB CLX 2.0, the latest update to his pioneering cribbage playing and analysis software. Also new is Cribbage Vox, which incorporates voice activation and speech synthesis into the Halscrib line, allowing physically and visually impaired players to take on the world's premier computer cribbage engine. I believe it's the first substantive computer cribbage game to feature ease of access. Both new products are Vista-compatible.

May 2006:
Halscrib 2006, the newest version of Hal Mueller's groundbreaking computer cribbage program, is now available. Halscrib has been playing at expert level for a couple of years now, and this new version quite possibly plays at championship level. George "Ras" Rasmussen and myself have logged several hundred games against it, and we are batting only a hair above .500. The age of computer-human parity in cribbage seems to have finally arrived. Halscrib 2006 includes several analysis tools essential for serious players, and Prof. Mueller even offers a bundle with electronic copies of books by Cribbage Forum contributors DeLynn Colvert, John Chambers and George Rasmussen.

February 2006:
I've retired as Editor for ACC Internet Cribbage, so I have stopped writing the Internet Cribbage articles for Cribbage World and the ACC Web site, at least for the time being. You can read my brief farewell announcement here. Don't worry though, I'll still be helping out with ACC Internet Cribbage from time to time as an Assistant Commissioner, and I'm proud to have been a principal architect of that program. I'll also continue publishing Cribbage Forum updates each month. And if you're passing through Seattle, I hope to see you at my Grass Roots club. So there'll still be plenty of opportunities for us to get together in the years ahead. Keep tuning in Cribbage Forum every month!

July 2005:
Cribbage Forum extends its solidarity and sympathy to the victims of the recent terrorist atrocities in London. As you sit down to enjoy our favorite game  another British gift to the rest of us  take a moment to consider the pluck and resolve and pluck of these people who have stood with us "shoulder to shoulder" in defense of secular democracy. Today, we cribbage players are all Brits.

September 2004:
Schell ranked second in North America: Yes, I finished the 2003–4 Grass Roots season ranked 2nd of over 4,000 club players across North America, with 323 rating points in Division I, behind only Charles Barnes record-setting 380 points.

September 2004:
Mike Fetchel has won the first Internet Cribbage Championship

June 2003:
The ACC Internet Cribbage Program now has its own Web page, where you can stay informed on on the development of ACC-sanctioned Internet cribbage, which will begin on a trial basis in Fall 2003. Volunteers are needed to serve as online tournament hosts, statisticians and general coordinators. Join us, and bring legitimate sanctioned competition to the Internet!

April 2003:
On March 7, 2003, MSN Gaming Zone hosted the first HALSCRIB vs. the Rest Of The World match. Hal Mueller took one side of the table, using a prototype of HALSCRIB 5 to play the cards dealt him by the Zone. I sat on the other side, captaining a team of about 30 human players who played by consultation, discussing our discarding and pegging choices on the chat lines. It was great fun, and an opportunity to play a couple of instructive games while seeing the world's most powerful computer cribbage program in action. The bot won twice, including a skunk (click here for my commentary on the first game), but the humans will get their chance at payback soon: these matches will happen every three months or so, with the second one slated for June 19.

February 2003:
After years of lobbying by Internet cribbage enthusiasts, the ACC Board of Directors has authorized creation of an ACC Internet Cribbage Program. I've been appointed to the Internet Steering Committee, which will develop and implement the Program. This is an exciting opportunity to create bona fide play on the Internet under the auspices of the game's preeminent sanctioning organization, with a legitimate rating system and even an Internet championship cycle. It will also help attract new players to the ACC, ensuring the continuity of the Tournament Trail and Grass Roots programs. There's a lot of work to be done, and some thorny problems to solve, but if we can make this work, the upside for both the game and the ACC is tremendous.

August 2002:
The Northwest Washington Open took place on July 12-14, 2002, co-hosted by my Grass Roots club, Sno-King Peggers, and our sister club, Everett Peggers. Appropriately enough, the tournament was won by my clubmate Laurie Kenny, who prevailed in the finals against DeLynn Colvert (who topped the qualifying round with a rare 42 point scorecard). Several Cribbage Forum readers came out specifically for the event, and Hal Mueller showed up from Ontario with version 4.82 of HALSCRIB, featuring a new endgame pegging algorithm and improved middlegame pegging and board strategy technique. The bot dusted both George Rasmussen and myself in a series of demonstration games. OK, it had the better cards, but we were still impressed with its playing strength, which is roughly equal to that of a strong human tournament player.

July 2002:
International Cribbage MEETUP Day
is the third Thursday of the month, beginning July 2002. What does this mean? Well, go this Web page, select your city and vote on a local meeting place from a preselected list of possible venues. Check back for the voting results, then show up to meet any other local cribbage players who have responded. The suggested venues include restaurants, coffeehouses and the like — now you know where the MEETUP people get their money. Still if the concept takes off, it could be a good way to meet new friends and opponents if there's no Grass Roots club in your area. And if there isn't, use this to help start your own!

December 2001:
The ACC Web page has been given a major facelift by its new Webmaster, Paul Gregson. Paul has also added lots of new features, including a compete list of lifetime MRPs. I am now editing the Tips section. Check it out!

In honor of the victims of atrocities committed September 11, 2001. Click here to learn how to help.September 2001:
A dedication and a pledge to the victims of the atrocities committed on September 11, 2001. In particular, to the fallen firefighters, police and emergency workers, and to the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who fought back against the terrorists. The heroic actions of these individuals saved untold lives. They are the first resistance fighters in the war on terror. In their honor, I will donate half of my tournament winnings in the 20012 season to aid relief and recovery efforts. I invite others in the cribbage community to join me in this pledge. Together, we will defeat terrorism.

Cribbage World, February 2001July 2001:
Cribbage Forum has a new home. After 1 years and 20,000 hits, it was time to expand. So we've moved to a new URL (, switched to a faster Web host, and redesigned the home page for easier browsing. Thanks to all of you who've helped make this the premier cribbage site on the Internet! To celebrate our expansion, I've inaugurated a regular feature called Ask the experts which will let you match your wits with some of the game's most prominent players and writers. Here's how it works: every month I'll post a new cribbage problem. A month later, I'll republish the problem along with commentary from our all-star panel. There'll be no single "correct" answer given. Each of the panelists will explain what they would do in a real game, and why. Want to see how players like Dan Barlow, DeLynn Colvert and George Rasmussen approach a tough game decision? Well, stay around and find out. Click here to view this month's problem. Try to find the best answer yourself, then check back next month to see if the panelists agree with you!

April 2000:
Cribbage Forum has received the prestigious Grandmaster Link Award from Mind Sports Organisation Worldwide, organizers of the annual Mind Sports Olympiad. Announcing the award, John Knoderer of MSO said: "Michael Schell has created a comprehensive site that helps explain the intricacies of the game of cribbage. We were especially impressed by his explanations of discarding techniques. Our Deputy Webmaster has played more than 500 games of cribbage in the last year, and hopes to compete at the Olympiad, yet he learned something about discarding techniques from reading Michael's pages. There's a lot of other good information to be found here. Whether you are a beginner, or whether you are an expert, we strongly recommend this set of pages to you." The Grandmaster Link Award recognizes sites that are "the very best on the Web in their field". Cribbage Forum is the first cribbage-related site ever to receive this award.

January 2000:
Cribbage Forum begins publication.

Cribbage Forum features articles on cribbage strategy and tactics by Michael Schell, ACC Bronze Award winner, 2001 Washington State Champion, winner of other accolades in Internet and over-the-board cribbage, and a founding architect of ACC Internet Cribbage. Cribbage Forum is a project of Publisher/Webmaster: Michael Schell. Assistant Editor: Lauren Marshall. Contact us here.

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